Saturday, November 3, 2012


Guess whose back!
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Well, no need for introductions. You all know who I am (Daniel Fiddler, the awesome mastermind of the gaming industry) and you all know what this post is all about... It's a "Welcome Back!" party post for myself!! Yippee! 

Anyways, I don't want to waste your time with any crappy explanations about where I was and confessions about why I haven't kept up with you guys. Because the fact is it's all my fault.

That said, I'm back and have plenty of new and creative stories, information, and news about the ongoing gaming industry and all of its beauties.Here are just a few examples of what's soon to come on the big scale:

Ummm, well... That's basically it. I was mostly playing GW2 while I was gone. That is the new sh*t!

However, that doesn't mean that the next few weeks are all gonna be about GW2. In fact, I got nothing on GW2 just yet. (Way to bring your fans' hopes up!) But I'll make something up, don't worry. 

Expect many new raffles, reviews, comedy golds, Storyteller's Corner stuff, and much much more the coming weeks... Until then!

REVISION: This blog is now a YouTube channel, where I continue to make great videos about the games I love. You can check it out at:

See you there!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hi!  :)

As Dovinsia Chronicles marathon continues today, we discover another episode of the award-winning series that I created and titled "Award-Winning" myself. Enjoy!

Dovinsia Chronicles

Chp.1: The Journey Begins
Ep.8: In the Ice Dragon's Lair

Our story continues with Karizar arriving at the Ice Dragons’ Base and running straight to his master.

-Karizar: Master!

From the darkness a low and familiar voice emerged but still no body was seen.

-Master: What news do you bring me, Commander? Let me hear it!

Karizar panted a few times before answering.

-Karizar: We did what you asked of us. We succeeded in destroying the schools. However I’m the only one who survived.

Karizar waited for his master's anguish, but nothing came. The mysterious Ice Dragon remained quiet in his thoughts.

-Master: Hmmm… Karizar, Karizar... Failing an order is one thing, but coming back alive is another. What should I do with you?

-Karizar: We had to fight an unexpected opponent, my lord.

-Master: What kind of opponent?

-Karizar: They called him the Dragon Lord. His sword emitted fiery whips and he killed all of my soldiers with just one move of his arm.

Hearing this, Karizar’s master started laughing evilly.

-Master: I didn’t think that the Dragon Lord would come out himself, just for a small attack like yours, Karizar. Egon, you hot-headed fool. But anyway, it doesn't matter. Do you have any other news, Commander?

-Karizar: Yes, my lord. Before their leader arrived, I was about to kill some of the children. I wanted to complete my mission as best as I could to prove myself to you once again. However one of the kids used an unfamiliar power against me. A dragon’s aura appeared in front of me that was nearly three times my size and black. It looked just like how the legends described him.

Karizar’s master perked his ears up to this.

-Master: What kind of fairytale are you trying to entertain me with, Commander?!

-Karizar: It’s not a fairytale, my lord. The dark aura even left a mark on me with one of his attacks.

-Master: A mark?

In answer, Karizar showed his shoulder to his master, who reached out with his enormous claws to inspect the marking. Then he began his evil laugh again.

-Master: It seems like you were telling the truth after all, Karizar.

-Karizar: I would never lie to the master.

As he said this, Karizar’s legs gave in and he fell to the ground.

-Karizar: I received many grave injuries during our attack too. Master, please heal me!

-Master: That you will not need, my old friend. I inspected the marking on your shoulder and it seems that they are indeed made by the legendary black dragon from the stories. There’s no mistaking it. It’s Siatu’s Curse.

Karizar roared in anguish. His scales began to fall and where no scales remained, we could see black lines on his body. They were his veins.

-Karizar: Master, please!

-Master: Like I said before, the mark is called Siatu’s Curse and it can only be cured for a short time after it has been put upon you. Now it’s too late. The curse has already spread too deep. Nothing can save you, Commander.

Karizar’s full body was covered with these dark veins now. He let out one more yelp and then his body burned up into black ashes. His master watched the whole thing without ever changing the expression in his eyes, which were shining through the darkness.

-Master: Interesting. I’ve never seen the curse with my own eyes before.

As he said this, the master’s servant walked into the dark cavern.

-Master: Ah, I've been waiting for you. Did you succeed in your mission?

-Servant: Yes, master!

-Master: Then everything goes according to plan. The selfish Red Dragons betrayed us! They used us! But now… Now everything is going to change. In a month’s time everything will be ready for the attack and we will lay siege to the Red Dragon Kingdom!!!

The Ice Dragon’s terrible roar filled the room with echo and as the echo slowly subsided, he spoke again.

-Master: And until then… I want to learn more about this amazing black dragon…

To Be Continued...

This post was brought to you by Storyteller's Corner. Artwork by FlyingSalmon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012



Long time no see. I know it's my fault mainly, but to make it up to you guys, I've prepared a marathon for today of no other than my renowned gaming story, Dovinsia Chronicles! Also to make it up to you guys, I'll make this introduction paragraph short and get straight to it. Enjoy!

Dovinsia Chronicles

Chp.1: The Journey Begins
Ep.7: About a Student

Our story continues at the border of the Red Dragon Clan, in a small forest. Towards the middle of the forest the trees start to thin and in the middle, where no trees remain, we can see a huge doorway-like object, made of ice. The doorway is not closed by doors however, but rather by a watery substance. The substance is spinning round and round into the middle of the doorway. In the middle seems to be a black hole that sucks the water-like substance inside.

Then, suddenly an arm reaches out of the doorway. Slowly the arm becomes two arms, and then a head and a body joines as well. A full grown dragon emerges from the doorway. Half of its body was crystal blue and the other half was filled with red and black burn marks. It is Karizar!

-Karizar: (in pain) It seems that luck’s on my side after all…

As he said this, the blue dragon gave out a struggled laugh.

-Karizar: If I didn’t build this portal before we attacked the village, I would long be dead, just like my comrades… Who was that human with so much power anyway? With one move of his arm he killed off my whole unit.

For a moment Karizar fell to the ground because he was in so much pain, but then he quickly got back to his legs.

-Karizar: I don’t have time to rest! I must inform the master.

And with that, he flew up to the skies and began flying towards the Ice Dragon city.

At this time our story shifts and goes back to the Red Dragon Kingdom. In fact, we’re in the council room. All the council members are listening to hear what interesting news their leader has to say about a certain student.

-Egon: The student that I want to talk about just finished the Beginner Learner’s School. The teacher let him through without him neither learning a fire element skill, nor catching a dragon egg.

-A council member: Why would you want to talk about an unimportant kid like that, Egon? Unless you want to put him back in the Beginner Learners’ School.

-Egon: No. He’s not as unimportant as you all might think…

At this, all of the council members exchanged looks.

-Egon: The kid has a rare skill. Only he has this skill in the entire village. In fact, he might be the only one with this power in the whole world maybe. It is a power with which he could even scare a commander ranked elite ice dragon.

The council members started murmuring amongst themselves until one of them spoke up.

-A council member: A commander??? That is impossible. No student has that much power.

-Egon: It’s not a red dragon power, but an ancient dragon power instead…

-A council member: An ancient dragon power? What kind of a joke is this Egon? The ancients have died out over a thousand years ago, at the Great Dragon War.

-Egon: At least that’s what we thought… One of the teachers survived from the Ice Dragon attack that we just had. She and a student both confirmed that a black dragon was also present at the scene of the attack. In fact, they say that this black dragon came out of the student that I’m talking about. It was in aura form.

All the council members looked unbelieving and in awe. They started talking amongst themselves, when one of them finally spoke up.

-A council member: Even if there’s some truth behind what the witnesses say, how can you be certain, oh leader of dragons, that it was the real ancient? Couldn’t it be another black dragon, maybe?

-Egon: No, and I’ll tell you why not. There are two reasons. First, the Black Giant has no heirs. Second, from what was seen, the black dragon put a mark on the ice dragon commander. It was the mark of the ancient black dragon.

-All council members: !!!

-A council member: From the five ancients, they had to see the black one! This is grave news.

-A council member: The student must be locked away and we must perform experiments on him to see if it’s true or not.

-Egon: I’m thinking of another solution, advisors. I believe the kid may even come to our advantage. We just need to find him a teacher, a teacher who will teach him how to use this power.

-A council member: And which teacher would be capable of such a thing?

-Egon: Don’t worry. I got just the right man for this job. My old master will teach him!

To Be Continued...

This post was brought to you by Storyteller's Corner. Artwork by Larry Calabrese.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Hey everyone!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you probably already know that for the past few weeks I've really fallen in love with SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic). It's a great game and the more I play it, the more I realize it. And just like any other MMOs I play(ed), I created a bunch of alts it this game too. I just like to see games from each and every corner. However, with a lot of alts come a lot of responsibility. That is why this post is so important for me and that is why I will share it with you guys today.

So, if you read the title then you know by now that this post is about "Rested XP." A lot of people in general chat and even on the forums have been wondering about how this works. At first I thought it was simple. I played many games before with Rested XP in them. I thought this shouldn't be any different. I was wrong. Soon I came to realize that SWTOR has much more in it for you than you would have ever imagined... So why don't we get started?

Why is Rested XP important to you and how does it even work?

  • Well, for starters I can tell you that leveling faster is always good. If you have many alts in the game or if you just don't have a lot of time to play, it is going to come in really handy. If you are a hard core player however, you probably wont ever have more than one bar of Rested XP. That's just how it works. It helps the people in need by giving them a little bonus so their playing experience will be much more satisfying. I mean who wants to grind for hours, right? We all want to get to the fun stuff as fast as we can!

How do you earn Rested XP points?

  • It's quite simple really and the game will even tell you in its guides. All you have to do is log out (or just stand around) in a "Rest Zone," otherwise known as a Cantina and when you log back in (or finish standing around), you're going to see your xp bar filled (to some extent) with a green bar instead of the original yellow. That's also how you can determine if you are in a rest zone or not. If your xp bar turns green, you're probably in the right place. But like I said before, rest zones in SWTOR are called Cantinas and you can easily spot them on your map and recognize them by their bar-like looks, fancy dancers, and funky music.

Where can you see how much Rested XP you have?

  • You can see your xp bar right at the bottom of your screen in the middle. Like I said before, if this bar turns green then you have some Rested XP stored up. You can hover over this bar with your mouse to see exactly how much of these curious points you currently have. On your xp bar, xp is displayed as the amount of xp you have out of the amount of xp required to reach next level. (For example 543 XP / 1200 XP) However, when you have Rested XP stored up you also see a little number in parentheses. (For example 543 XP / 1200 XP (20 Rested)) It is quite simple really. It's just a number and next to it it says "rested." That's how many rested experience points you have!

At what rate does Rested XP accumulate or go up?

  •  As you can probably figure out, the longer your character stays logged off (or just sitting around) in a rest zone, the more rest xp you get until you log back in (or decide to leave the rest zone) on that character. It's hard to figure out how fast Rested XP goes up because I believe this number changes each and every single level. The higher level you are the more Rested XP you gets. It's only fair, since each level you have to get more xp than you needed the last level to advance to the next level. It's only logical, you know.

How much Rested XP can you even have?

  • Before I go into that, you should know that luckily for you, the Rested XP bonus you get never goes away. At least if you don't spend it. However it never goes further a certain point either. Now, since I never really reached that point, I don't really know, but my sources indicate two things. Rested XP either goes up as much as the xp you need to pass the level you're currently on, or up until you have the same amount of rested xp as the total xp you need. So it either goes up one full level, or just as much as you still need of the certain level you're currently on (which might cause some problems if you're, let's say, 99% to the next level). Please let me know if you find out.

And at last... What happens when you use Rested XP?

  • Come on, really? I have to leave the simplest question to the end. Well, I guess it's also the most important question for those people who never played MMOs before. It's simple though. Rested XP means that you get twice the xp that you would normally get from doing certain activities like killing enemies and completing quests. Basically, Rested XP lets you level twice as fast as other people. That means you spend half the time and half the effort to get to max level on Rested XP. That's just awesome!

Well, I really hope this was useful for you... I know I was confused when I started playing the game. Since then I already bought the box edition and am using all of the Rested XP feature's possibilities. I hope you will too! Oh and be sure to let me know down at the comments area if you have any more questions (or comments). I will happily answer all of them. See you there!

Have a good one you guys!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hey you guys!

So lately I've been playing SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and I became a huge fan of it. When the game came out I thought this is going to be one of those other "hype" games that people only play because of the title, but as I tried it out, my whole view of it changed. I will tell you a whole lot more about it in my later posts, but for now let me just tell you the main reason why I fell in love with SWTOR:

The trailers.

Okay, that's not the main reason, but still.. There are currently 3 great (starting) cinematic trailers for the game and each of them is like a little movie. I feel like I should show them to you right here, even though some of you might not play SWTOR and the ones who do already saw these trailers. I've got two things to say about that:

  1. Even if you don't play SWTOR, and even if you don't like Star Wars, you got to see these trailers! Studies show that 50% of the people who watched them got an erection and only 10% got a heart attack. I don't know about the other 40%, but those are some good odds if you ask me!
  2. If you play SWTOR and you saw these videos already, I can guarantee that you will still have equal chances of getting an erection. I swear every time I watch them, I do. And I watched them more than twice!

Well... That said, without further to do, I give you these 3 awesome videos all in one (thanks to aviRainbowCrash)!



Is it just me or do these trailers get better every time you watch them? Not being a fan boy or anything... I mean, yes, there are some curious questions like:

  • Why do they capture the bandit but leave his guns with him?
  • Why did Malgus just stand there for five seconds and let his master get stabbed?
  • Why did Malgus kill his master in the end anyway?
  • And so on....

I'm not kidding, I've got some more questions too, I just don't want to bore u with them right now. But overall, these trailers are all pieces of one great masterpiece. Watching this, all of you should consider playing this game. (Just for the erections.) Even if you played it before.. With free to play launching this fall, there's not a better time to try it out. And trust me, the game is just as much of a masterpiece as these trailers. It has so many elements that other games don't. But again, more on that later. For now...

Have a good one you guys!!