Saturday, November 3, 2012


Guess whose back!
Back again!
MMORPGMore is back!
Tell a friend!

Well, no need for introductions. You all know who I am (Daniel Fiddler, the awesome mastermind of the gaming industry) and you all know what this post is all about... It's a "Welcome Back!" party post for myself!! Yippee! 

Anyways, I don't want to waste your time with any crappy explanations about where I was and confessions about why I haven't kept up with you guys. Because the fact is it's all my fault.

That said, I'm back and have plenty of new and creative stories, information, and news about the ongoing gaming industry and all of its beauties.Here are just a few examples of what's soon to come on the big scale:

Ummm, well... That's basically it. I was mostly playing GW2 while I was gone. That is the new sh*t!

However, that doesn't mean that the next few weeks are all gonna be about GW2. In fact, I got nothing on GW2 just yet. (Way to bring your fans' hopes up!) But I'll make something up, don't worry. 

Expect many new raffles, reviews, comedy golds, Storyteller's Corner stuff, and much much more the coming weeks... Until then!

REVISION: This blog is now a YouTube channel, where I continue to make great videos about the games I love. You can check it out at:

See you there!!!

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